Eden Russo is a Middle-Eastern/ Italian-American artist who received her BFA from SUNY Purchase, where she studied Painting and Drawing. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and works primarily in graphite, paper/textiles and mixed media. She recently created her own shop where she sells jewelry, prints, cards and ceramics.  

Eden creates drawings, paintings and fibers-based pieces in which she embodies her emotions, the mundane, anxiety and dreams through self-reflection and awareness. Portraits range from herself to friends, family and lovers. She emphasizes the feeling of nostalgia felt in a moment of what once was and the permanence a drawing brings to a fleeting moment or emotion. Her self-portraits bring an awareness to her own body and the exercise of drawing acts an anxiety reducer. Her drawings are bold yet cohesive in nature and rest on the idea of delicacy vs. force in line and color. She enjoys the physicality of working with fibers and the duality they create with her other bodies of work. Her work is always changing, and she finds it necessary to allow oneself to change themes in their work as they grow.

My commissions are usually open! Email me at edenbrusso@gmail.com :)

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