Eden Russo received her BFA from SUNY Purchase, where she studied Painting and Drawing/ Art History. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and her studio practice includes drawing, painting, fibers and mixed media.

      Eden has been a working artist since graduating college. Teaching art classes and private art tutoring, she has found a way to consistently make bodies of work and maintain stability in the beginning of her career. She aspires to receive an M.A as an Art Teacher within the next few years and continue her practice as a fine artist. Most recently, she became a podcast host for the Overartchievers Podcast and interviews artists of all kinds about their work. 


      Eden’s work is driven by her own emotions, the mundane, anxiety and exploration of heritage through self-reflection and physicality. She grew to learn that the act of drawing is an anxiety reducer. Portraits range from herself to friends, family and lovers and appear as their own characters balanced between collage, fibers and the traditional gestural method of drawing. She emulates the figures through representation and partial abstraction which often create a permanence to a fleeting moment or emotion. Although not always interacting and sometimes in solitude, the figures invite you into their space and communities. Both materiality and physicality are important to the conversations between line, color and their fragility. Line is bold but color is gentle and soft and the eye moves back and forth through the surface of the paper’s obscurities and intricacies.                         
       The quirky details of the work are meant to be there, laced together with density and compression. Additionally, her work confronts moments of weirdness and layered happenings that only occur as the drawing develops. She believes in letting the work sort itself out instead of over-planning which can be detrimental to these moments of weirdness. Her work is always changing, and she finds it necessary to allow oneself to change themes in their work as they grow. 


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